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Kristina Miller, FPQP™

Kristina Miller, FPQP™

Financial Advisor and Director of Operations

As a Financial Advisor at CFO4Life, Kristina works directly with clients, seeking to help them meet both short- and long-term financial goals and dreams, including forecasting of current and future cash flow needs, evaluating and assisting with limiting risk exposure, identifying tax efficiency strategies, and retirement income planning.

Kristina attended the University of North Texas where she studied business and finance and later obtained her Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ designation in 2009. She has over 20 years of experience in the financial advisory industry. Prior to joining CFO4Life, she worked as a Senior Client Relationship Manager at Austin Financial Partners working with high-net-worth individuals on their investment and wealth management needs.

Kristina is a native Texan, raised in Dallas, and currently resides in Northern Colorado. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, live music, and spending time with her husband and amazing dog, Leia.