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Tax Preparation & Planning

Income taxes are generally the single largest expense of a family, comprising up to 40% of income. We believe that our focus and experience in this area differentiates us from many other wealth management firms.

With over 50 combined years of CPA experience, CFO4Life advisors are well positioned to assist you in maximizing your after tax income. Additionally, when CFO4Life advisors, through the affiliated entity LMBCII, prepare your personal and business tax returns, the advisor may be in a better position to identify tax planning ideas.

By integrating your investments and tax planning, we strive to execute strategies that grow your portfolio, while being mindful of the tax impact of any decision. Depending upon your specific goals and financial situation, we may utilize tax efficient investments in seeking to improve investment returns. The team of tax professionals and financial planners work together in crafting proactive solutions that seek to protect and grow your assets.


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